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June 30, 2014



We are pleased to announce an exciting opportunity that has developed as a result of the work of the ALPA Fee For Departure Committee (FFDC). United MEC Chairman Jay Heppner announced during a recent conference call with FFDC chairmen that the UAL MEC is hosting United MEC Pilot Open Houses that will be held in Chicago and Denver.  The Pilot Open Houses will be open ONLY to ALPA members at Fee For Departure Carriers. 


A variety of speakers from United Flight Operations, Human Resources, Training Department and Instructors will participate in the Open Houses to help prepare Open House attendees on what to expect should they get a call for an interview from United Airlines.


We believe this is a unique, first of its kind, tangible action item we can all point to as a way to get the information from key individuals who make the hiring decisions at United Airlines to pilots who seek to secure a seat on a United flight deck.  While these Open Houses won’t solve all of the problems currently facing pilots at Fee for Departure Carriers, these open houses are designed to put many ALPA pilots in a setting in which they can become more competitive.


Here are a few further details on the Open Houses:


·         Visit alpa.org/ualmecfeefordeparture to register.  Registration opens on July 7th at noon Eastern Time and closes on July 14th at noon Eastern Time.

·         Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, and space at the events is limited.  Through the online registration process pilots will be able to rank preferences for open house dates and times.  If the pilot’s first open house date and time preference is full, he or she will automatically be placed in their next choice, etc.

·         The UAL MEC is still finalizing the dates with management but are planning on August and September.  Additional communications will be distributed when those dates are determined.

·         Due to the anticipated high demand for this event, we expect every available slot will be filled. IF SELECTED, pilots who register will receive a registration confirmation email the week of July 21. The email will include registration date/time. Pilots aren't officially registered for this event until they receive that confirmation email.

·         The dress code for this event is business casual.

·         There is no cost to attend these Open Houses outside of any individual costs of traveling to and from these events.



Text Box: Click Here to view a personal invitation video message from Capt. Heppner that explains the Open Houses.Questions concerning the Open Houses should be directed to ualmecfeefordeparture@alpa.org.

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Volunteer of the Quarter
By ARW MEC Officers

Every quarter, your MEC officers bestow the Volunteer of the Quarter recognition award upon the ARW ALPA volunteer whose work has distinguished him or her above all others, while dedicating an extraordinary amount of time and effort on our pilot group’s behalf. For the second quarter of 2014, Training and Testing Chairman Robert Thomas was selected as the stand-out volunteer to receive the ARW MEC Unified Excellence coin, and our sincerest thanks.

The MEC congratulates Robert for being selected as the Assistant Chief Pilot of our Philadelphia domicile, and thanks him for his dedicated service to this pilot group. His experience as a leader who affected change within our Training Department and his previous work on an airline safety program make him a strong addition to the Flight Department management at Air Wisconsin. Robert has a relentless passion for focusing on what’s right, rather than who’s right; and his positive attitude, approachable demeanor, and unyielding work ethic will serve our pilot group well.


Upon being elected in November to chair the commitee, Robert worked to improve our training and testing program, and the interests of our pilots were represented on a wide range of issues.  His “big picture” issues upon which he focused were CRM/TEM training, standardization, and scenario-based stall training. Furthermore, he worked with multiple committee chairs, instructors, managers, and pilots on countless daily issues.  The Training and Testing Committee was represented at National conferences and our resources were used to develop contacts and relationships throughout the industry, specifically with representatives of Alaska Airlines and United Airlines.  The resources and relationships that Robert developed are firmly in place to assist the current Training and Testing Chairman Charlie Mader.

Robert is a PHL-based pilot from Scranton, Penn., and has been with Air Wisconsin since October 2012. He started his airline career at Colgan Air in early 2010. As a first officer, Robert worked extensively within Colgan’s Training Department to develop new courseware for Indoc, Systems, and recurrent ground school. He was also tasked as the leader in redesigning and implementing new initiatives in the CRM/TEM course. During the Pinnacle merger, Robert was selected as one of three pilots to design and develop CRM/TEM training exercises and courseware for the merged carrier.

Robert has been through a company expansion with new aircraft delivery, a merger involving three separate and proud ALPA carriers, a bankruptcy, three CEOs, upgrade, downgrade transition, concessionary demands, and received a furlough announcement (but later saw it rescinded). Robert completed upgrade training, a type ride, and most of OE on the Saab just prior to the Company shutting down. In addition, Robert represented his former pilot group as an ALPA ASAP Event Review Committee member. In this role, he worked with the involved parties to recommend and implement changes to the ASAP program to improve transparency and integrity.

In a letter to the MEC Robert stated, “I am stepping down as Chairman of the Training & Testing Committee as I assume the role of Assistant Chief Pilot in our Philadelphia domicile.  It has been a humbling experience to serve our MEC and our pilots in this role given the gravity and responsibility of this position.  I am immensely grateful to have been trusted with this opportunity and I worked tirelessly to serve you well.” 

On behalf of the entire MEC, please join us in thanking Robert for his willingness, dedication, and effectiveness in serving our pilot group; and his overwhelming passion for training and safety. The MEC is grateful to Robert for stepping forward to chair this important committee that promotes pilot advocacy, Training Department oversight and support, and pilot and industry safety.  Thanks for making a difference Rob.

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An Introduction to the New ARW P4P Coordinator
By Partick Sheehy, P2P Coordinator

Recently, I was approached by our Association to volunteer as the Air Wisconsin Pilot-4-Pilot Fund coordinator. You might remember this as the Emergency Relief Fund. This rebranded effort by ALPA works to immediately help ALPA members with the expenses associated with natural disasters and other emergencies. There is absolutely no other "agenda." If you live in an area that is affected by a designated emergency and incur expenses such as temporary housing or urgent repairs, please contact me! The application for assistance is ultra simple and easy to do. And yes, in the near future I'll be supplying additional information on how to donate money to this fund. You don't to have to live in Tornado Alley or down in Florida, like I do, to be affected by a natural disaster emergency. Before you dismiss the need for this fund, consider: The vast area affected by Superstorm Sandy, the wildfires out west and the Seattle flooding earlier this year! The name of this fund, "Pilots-4-Pilots," is what attracted me to this Volunteer role in the first place. ALPA pilots helping other ALPA pilots during their time of need. Isn't that the very nature of our Association?


More information on the fund and how ALPA can make a difference can be found at: http://www.alpa.org/ReliefFund/tabid/1981/Default.aspx


Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions you might have, if you've been impacted by a natural disaster or other emergency, or if you'd like to help as a committee volunteer ... Patrick Sheehy (646) 241 3238 Patrick.Sheehy@alpa.org.

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Jumpseat Committee Update on Southwest Airlines
By Nick Chichester, Jumpseat / Security Chairman


From Southwest:

On July 1, 2014, Southwest Airlines will begin limited International Operations.  Customer Service Employees will be under great strain as they become proficient with a brand new (and unused) international reservation system.  With these concerns in mind, Southwest Airlines has implemented a temporary embargo on ALL non-revenue passenger activities (including ALL Southwest Employees) until 11/30/2014.  Southwest Airlines will promptly accommodate OAL jumpseat requests as soon as the embargo period ends.  We appreciate your patience as we work out the kinks with our new international operations. Domestic Jumpseat Activities remain unaffected.

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Jonathan McAbee Memorial Golf Tournament Reminder

By Reed Donoghue, LEC 50 Vice Chairman


With bidding for July just around the corner we'd like to remind you that sign up is currently open for the Jonathan D. McAbee Memorial Golf Tournament, which is taking place on August 14 in Virginia Beach, VA. Pilots who are already signed up include MEC Chairman Richard Swindell, incoming MEC Chairman Chris Suhs, Assistant Chief Pilot Brian Shaw, Council 50 Chairman Thorne Saylor, Council 50 Vice Chairman Reed Donoghue, Captain Matt Langer, Captain Amanda Langer, Captain Rich Clarke, First Officer Javier Rodriguez, and Captain Greg Killeen. Space is limited, so email LEC50@alpa.org as soon as possible if you're interested in participating in this great event for a wonderful cause. The deadline for signing up is July 25. For more information you can review the original announcement attached to this PDH.

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One of the most effective ways ALPA pilots garner influence with the nation’s political community is through the ALPA Political Action Committee: ALPA-PAC. By pooling contributions from ALPA members, ALPA is able to help elect pro-pilot members of Congress who support the union’s legislative agenda—regardless of political affiliation. ALPA’s goal is to ensure a pro-pilot majority in the House and the Senate. ALPA-PAC also helps educate members of Congress about who we are, what issues are important to us, and how Congress’s decisions affect our lives.

ALPA-PAC is funded 100 percent by voluntary contributions from U.S. ALPA members. No dues money is used for political contributions. Every year, thousands of ALPA members demonstrate their commitment to the PAC and its goals through their contributions. Some give annually by personal check or credit card.

The following ARW pilots “Backed the PAC” in May 2014—for their future, for your future, and for the future of airline pilots. These pilots understand that the future of this industry and our careers will be won or lost on Capitol Hill. For more information, visit www.alpa.org/ALPAPAC.


Jared Armstrong

Paul Badaracco

Brendan Cantwell

Richard Clarke

Reed  Donoghue

Robert Fogelsanger

Kenneth Honneffer

Daniela Hurley

Matt Johnson

Benjamin Keider

Jeremy Krieger

Mark Lockwood

Andrew Rabe

Kenneth Reinert

Thorne Saylor

Andrew Struppa

Christopher Suhs

Richard Swindell

Jeffrey Wirth

Jeffrey Woodham

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Aug. 4-7

ALPA Air Safety Week, DCA

Aug. 26

MEC Officers Begin New 2-Year Term

Sept. 10-11

ALPA Executive Board Meeting, IAD

Oct. 11-17

MEC Meeting, FLL

Oct. 20-23

ALPA Board of Directors Meeting, FLL

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