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Part 117 Interpretations

Hotel Committee Update

Hotel Committee Survey

ALPA Legislative Grassroots Efforts

Event Review Safety Program Update

DCA Ramp Construction Update

Committee Activity for April 2014

ARW ‘Stache Contest Underway

ARW MEC Election Notice

April Resignations

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May 15, 2014



PART 117 Interpretations


The FAA has issued four new legal interpretations in response to independent requests to clarify the application of Part 117 to specific situations.  These new interpretations, among other things, address:


·         Checking of schedules during rest

·         Fitness for Duty certification

·         Short call reserve duty limits

·         FDP extensions

·         Split duty assignments


Please see the attached ALPA National FASTread for more details.  Look for additional information soon.


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Hotel Committee Update

By Laura Assia, Hotel Committee Member

Watertown, NY (ART) is a new city that we began servicing in early May. It is about 70 miles north of Syracuse and 30 miles south of Canada. If you think the FLO terminal is small wait until you arrive in ART – the terminal is a small, one-room building.

Crew hotel accommodations are at the Comfort Inn and Suites.  The amenities at this hotel include shuttle service to and from the airport, with transportation provided to Olive Garden, Pizza Hut, Red Lobster, Texas Roadhouse, TGIF Fridays and Panera Bread. These offerings don’t include businesses that are within a short walk from the hotel. The Tilted Kilt Pub is out of the hotel and to the left. If you walk out of the hotel to the right you will find Moe's Southwest Grill, Applebee's, Ruby Tuesdays, Buffalo Wild Wings and Chipotle all within a 10 minute or less walk.

Breakfast is served at the hotel from 6 am-10 am and offers fruit, two hot food items, make-your-own waffles, assorted breads, yogurt, hard boiled eggs, juice and coffee. An enclosed walkway connects the hotel to Denny's for those interested in food available 24 hours a day with a 25% discount. The business center has two computers and one printer, and free wireless is offered throughout the property.

The hotel gym is lacking, in my opinion; it only has one bike, one treadmill, one elliptical rider and a universal gym set. However, the hotel has a deal with the YMCA for $5 and transportation will be provided from the hotel to the YMCA. There is a Planet Fitness near the hotel as well, but that will cost you $20 for a day pass. The hotel does have an indoor pool, but there is no outdoor pool at this location; I am guessing that is because they received more than 200 inches of snow this winter. If you have a long overnight in ART, the front desk mentioned there a nearby local park that dates back to the War of 1812. They also mentioned Jody's Ice Cream near the airport as a local favorite.

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Hotel Committee Survey
By ARW Hotel Committee

The ARW Hotel Committee is conducting a crew hotel survey and would like your participation.  To take the survey, please click here.

The "ARW Hotel Committee Survey," will only take a couple of minutes to complete, does not require a login, and will provide valuable information that will guide the direction of the Hotel Committee when evaluating and selecting crew hotels.

Thank you for participating.

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ALPA Legislative Grassroots Efforts

By Brendan Cantwell, Legislative Affairs Committee

Call to Action: U.S. Airlines Must Benefit from CBP Preclearance Sites Abroad
Despite widespread opposition, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has opened a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) preclearance facility at Abu Dhabi International Airport and is considering expanding its Middle Eastern preclearance operations to Dubai, Doha, and beyond. This is a bad idea. Expansion of preclearance operations in the Persian Gulf will cost U.S. jobs. Congress must demand that DHS level the playing field and create new restrictions on establishing future facilities to ensure that more U.S. handouts to our foreign competitors will not occur. Your federal Representatives need to hear from you now. Click below to write Congress today.

Write Your Representative Write Your Senator

Call to Action: Support the Saracini Aviation Safety Act of 2013
In 2001, Congress mandated the installation of reinforced cockpit doors on most commercial aircraft as the first step toward preventing another 9/11-style breach of the cockpit. Airlines are required to use procedures to protect the cockpit when the reinforced door is opened during flight for pilots’ meals, restroom use, and other reasons. To provide better security, secondary barriers were developed to block access to the cockpit whenever the cockpit door is open during flight. Voluntary airline industry movement toward adopting secondary barriers began in 2003, but commitment to deploying these devices has since waned. H.R. 1775/S. 1495, the Saracini Aviation Safety Act of 2013 simply fulfills Congress’s intent from more than a decade ago to make cockpits more secure. Tell you representatives to cosponsor this bill today!

Read More Take Action

Call to Action: The Safe Skies Act of 2013
The Safe Skies Act has been reintroduced! Like its predecessor in the 112th Congress, the Safe Skies Act of 2013 will correct the oversight made by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in its final regulations (FAR 117) to address pilot fatigue for passenger airlines only. The rules excluded cargo airline operations from mandatory compliance. For decades, ALPA has advocated for “One Level of Safety” for the simple reason that all pilots and airline operations should be treated equally regardless of payload or flight mission. Contact your representative today to urge them to support the Safe Skies Act and achieve One Level of Safety.

Read More Take Action

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In case you missed it, the May 1 ARW PDH included an article that outlined the Event Review Safety Program.

ALPA supports and continues to stress the importance of partnering with the Company to improve safety through programs such as the Event Review Safety Program, and enhancing process effectiveness by encouraging the use of ALPA resources such as our Critical Incident Response Program (CIRP) personnel when the situation dictates. After an event ALPA is kept in the loop though our Central Air Safety Committee (CASC), and they receive notice of all event review calls and event debriefs. Feedback from line pilots is also taken directly to the Company for process improvement.

The Company has designated the Captain to be the single point of contact for the entire crew during the event review process. As such, it is imperative to discuss as a crew prior to an event review conference call whether any crewmember is not fit to continue flying after an event or has any concerns about continuing to fly that day. Moreover, any member of the crew may contact CIRP for assistance or an ALPA representative to discuss the event or concerns about continuing the trip.

The entire article is attached to this PDH.

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DCA Ramp Construction Update

By Benjamin Grant, LEC49 Vice Chairman

Also included in the May 1 PDH, was the announcement of the DCA ramp construction that started Friday, April 25th, and is slated to be completed in mid-August. Construction will take a section of two to four spots out of use in three phases.

This process isn’t ideal for an efficient operation, but it is necessary to maintain proper ramp conditions. Crew members will become more essential in keeping the DCA Express operation running smoothly. Per Air Wisconsin and Piedmont, upon arrival, crews may be required to taxi airplanes directly to the Old Terminal or crews may be required to move
an already parked airplane to a remote spot near the Old Terminal. However, if this movement is not already listed on your schedule, please verify this activity with a flight manager prior to execution. These repositions will generally only occur during the hours of 0600-1100 and 1800-2300. Piedmont has made it clear to Air Wisconsin that they will try to avoid repositioning an aircraft at all costs.  The CRJ200 is approved for all four parking spots at the old terminal.

If you missed it, the entire article is attached to this PDH.

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Committee Activity for April 2014

By Jeff Pruett, MEC Vice Chairman

This article provides you with a bird’s eye view of our committees, building on the articles in the PDH, The Wiss-key, and THE X-RAY, as well as information on Facebook and other mediums. Our ARW ALPA volunteers do an incredible amount of “heavy lifting” for our pilot group, ALPA, the MEC, and Air Wisconsin (that’s right, we’re trying to help Air Wisconsin become a better company). While it’s important for you to know about the work that is being done, it’s equally important for you to understand the role that each committee has in helping the MEC fulfill its mission. This is a summary of the work of your fellow line pilots who are ALPA volunteers; as the MEC Vice Chairman one of my responsibilities is to insure that the committees have the resources, guidance, and support necessary to support the Air Wisconsin pilot group and then report that work to the MEC and the pilot group.

During the month of April, ASAP Chairman Dan Lehenbauer, CASC Chairman Kristen Brown, and Communications Chairman Ken Reinert recorded committee updates for the pilot group. These and other outstanding podcasts are available
here, and iPhone users can download the ipadio podcast app here and search for “Air Wisconsin Pilots.”

Since May 1, 2013, Air Wisconsin has outsourced the administration for family medical leave and other leaves of absence to CIGNA Leave Solutions. If you are going out on short-term disability, Aeromedical Chairman Jack Roback asks that you contact him after your paperwork is fully and properly completed and submitted to CIGNA. He will make sure that CIGNA and the Company expedite approval for short-term disability benefits and ensure that they are handled properly. In addition, if any pilot has problems with CIGNA, please e-mail Jack at
Jack.Roback@alpa.org. Presently, we have 8 Pilots out on short-term disability. Jack recently completed some research on the consequences of a DUI and he cannot stress enough to our pilots – DO NOT under any circumstance drink and drive. In closing, Jack says “Stay safe and healthy, and always professional.”

The ASAP Committee is comprised of Chairman Dan Lehenbauer and Secondary Representatives Chris Fuson and Marlena Mattingly. Due to the confidential nature of this committee, the exact details of their work are not reported to the MEC or the pilot group, and are protected under federal regulations and the ASAP Memo of Understanding. Nevertheless, this “behind-the-scenes” committee provides prolific service and enormous safety benefits to our pilot group, our company, and the airline industry. The ASAP Event Review Committee (ERC) held regular meetings via telecom on March 5, 13, and 19; April 2, 10, 17, and 30. Lastly, the ASAP Committee would like to remind all pilots that if crews are submitting an ASAP of deicing issues, they should also submit an irregularity report.

FOQA Committee Chairman Ron Stocki reports that due to an oversight by the Air Wisconsin Safety Department a new event definition was not sent to IATA (the FDR analysis vendor) in a timely fashion, causing a delay to their monthly report.  Since the FOQA Committee didn’t have that report, the monthly FMT (FOQA Monitoring Team) meeting was cancelled.

Grievance Committee Members Graham Downing and Ken Nesbitt are now in charge of the Issue Form Branch of the Grievance Committee. If you receive a call or e-mail from Graham or Ken regarding your issue form, please make their job easier by calling them back or responding to their e-mail as quickly as possible. Issues are resolved through an organized and time-critical process during which the filer of the issue form needs to be actively engaged. Also, when filing an issue form, provide as much detailed information as you can about the alleged contract violation. Please include a copy of your schedule, a description of the event with applicable names and times, why you believe the contract has been violated, and under what section. Grievance Committee Chairman Maggie Eickhoff transmitted five 117 extension issues to the company, and is actively collecting data on 117 extensions.

Legislative Affairs Committee Chairman Brendan Cantwell
attended a House Aviation Subcommittee hearing on Rural and Small Community Air Service where ALPA President Lee Moak testified. Much of the hearing dealt with the so-called pilot shortage affecting regional airlines.  Captain Moak stressed ALPA's position that the industry is not experiencing a true pilot shortage, but that the economics of the industry, specifically the regional pilots’ pay and benefits. Republic CEO Bryan Bedford expressed his belief that the impending shortage had more to do with the new rules that changed the minimum hours required to be employed by a regional airline. As the regional industry deals more and more with the trouble in retaining pilots this issue will continue to be argued.

ALPA PAC - ALPA National could not have made it any easier for you to voice your support for our profession – it’s so easy that you would have to try to not care about your future and choose to ignore your responsibility to secure it. If you want to change the industry, secure your profession and influence changing the federal rules, regulations, and policies that affect you and our profession, then you need to help ALPA effect change by donating to ALPA-PAC. Now is the time to donate to help secure your career and the airline piloting profession - the future of this industry and our careers will be won or lost on Capitol Hill.

ALL PILOTS - New ALPA website
takeaction.alpa.org has been established – visit the website and sign the petition to support ALPA's effort to deny the Norwegian Air International Flag of Convenience Scheme.

Membership Committee Chairman Brian Gambino asks all pilots to check with their fellow pilots to confirm they are receiving ALPA communications. If they are not, please have them contact the Membership Committee at
ARWMembership@alpa.org so that we may remedy the situation. Continue to receive calls from new-hire pilots whom have been asked to resign due to training issues. The Membership Committee met with 2 new hire classes on April 23rd, shared lunch, communicated the ALPA new hire presentation, and filled out ALPA applications.

Negotiating Chairman Mark Lockwood, Negotiating Member Erik Johnson, Grievance Chairman Maggie Eickhoff, and Grievance Committee Member Ken Nesbitt attended the Association’s annual Negotiations and Grievance Training Seminar (NGTS) to refine their skill set in both bargaining and dispute resolution areas. Nearly 50 pilots from 15 member airlines were in Herndon, Va., April 22-24, to participate in seminar courses, practice exercises, and bargaining simulations. One of the highlights of this year’s coursework was a presentation by Linda Puchala, chair of the National Mediation Board, who talked about problem-solving generally, framework or protocol agreements that expedite negotiations, and steps that facilitate NMB and the bargaining parties’ work.

Training and Testing Chairman
Robert Thomas and Chief Flight Instructor Paul Preidecker made a trip to Seattle, WA at the invitation of Alaska Airlines.  Members of the Alaska Airlines Training and Safety committees, Alaska instructors, and Alaska managers, worked with the Air Wisconsin Training & Testing Committee to coordinate this trip.  During the trip, Robert and Paul were able to experience first hand the CRM/TEM training that Alaska Airlines gives each of their crew members.  In addition, the group also discussed Upset Procedures Training (UPRT) and scenario-based stall recovery procedures.  The coordination among ALPA representatives, instructors, and managers from both airlines is to be commended for clearly demonstrating the work of your committee members and your ALPA resources being put to good use.  It also shows an industry-wide commitment to ALPA carriers working together to make our airlines the safest possible for our passengers and our crewmembers.  Air Wisconsin gained further exposure to CRM/TEM and stall training theory that we can use to further internal discussions as our own training programs evolve to face our unique challenges.

Scheduling Committee Chairman Tybee Halter would also like to remind all pilots to be firm, fair, and friendly when dealing with Crew Scheduling. Follow the guidance on the back of your ARW ALPA badge backer and remember that you are on a recorded phone line. Please report all issues to your Scheduling Committee, even if the issue was satisfactorily remedied by Crew Scheduling or a flight manager. If the issue was unresolved, file an issue form. If you do not have a badge backer, please contact Membership Chairman Brian Gambino at 516-263-4735 or
ARWMembership@alpa.org. The Scheduling Committee would like reserve pilots to email ARWScheduling@alpa.org when the Company extends their FDP via ACARS on the last leg or after their FDP has ended. In addition, pilots who have a 30 minute or less extension should also email the committee. Also, it is very important that these pilots file ASAP reports so that the Company, ALPA, and the FAA are able to review these situations.

Last, but certainly not least; Uniform Chairman Jennifer Place has
left Air Wisconsin effective May 7th to go fly for Delta Air Lines. I think we can all agree that it has been an absolute delight to know Jennifer socially, work with her as a representative of the union, and for the lucky - actually flying the line with Jen. The MEC is grateful for her valuable work on the Uniform Committee; she closed her last committee report to the ARW MEC with “Thank you also for letting me be a part of this great, hardworking group.” Jennifer’s departure leaves an immediate vacancy on the Uniform Committee. Please e-mail your interest and qualifications to ARWMEC@alpa.org.

On behalf of the MEC, I would like to thank all of our volunteers for their dedication. Much of the progress experienced and many of the goals realized by ARW ALPA are achieved as a result of the ongoing efforts of your volunteers. Thank you.

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ARW ‘Stache Contest Underway
By Ken Reinert, Communications Committee Chairman


The editors of the Wiss-key are conducting a ’stache contest for all Air Wisconsin pilots. There will be prizes awarded for the best ’staches in a number of categories, and you have from now until May 31, 2014, to take your best before and after ’stache photo and send it in to ARWCommunications@alpa.org for judging by a secret and impartial panel.

Rules, judging details, award categories and contest tips are included on pages 48 and 49 in the Winter/Spring issue of the Wiss-key, which are attached to this PDH.

Winners will be announced, and all photos published in the next edition of the Wiss-key. ’STACHE IT UP!

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ARW MEC Election Notice

MEC officer elections will be held during the ARW regular MEC meeting in YUL May 27–29, 2014. Officers, including the chairman, vice chairman and secretary-treasurer, are elected to two-year terms. Our officers’ current terms are set to expire on Aug. 24. Officers who are elected at the MEC meeting will begin their terms on Aug. 25.

These elections are being held in accordance with the ALPA Constitution and By-Laws and ARW MEC Policy Manual. Under the ALPA Constitution and By-Laws, an MEC must hold an in-person meeting to elect its officers within a 90-day period prior to the end of the current officers’ terms. Additionally, the ARW MEC Policy Manual states that the term of office of all ARW MEC standing committees (all committee chairmen and members) shall be concurrent with the term of the MEC chairman.

There are two exceptions to this rule—the Negotiating and the Retirement and Insurance (R&I) committees. Negotiating Committee members are elected by the MEC and remain in their positions until and unless a member resigns from the committee or a majority of the MEC resolves to make a change to all or part of the committee. The R&I Committee chairman has a one-year term beginning July 29. Other members of this committee have a three-year term that begins July 29, with a different member up for election each year. At this MEC meeting, one R&I Committee position will be up for election, with a term ending July 28, 2017.

Each member of the MEC has the privilege of nominating one candidate for each MEC officer position to be filled. It is the responsibility of that member to ensure his nominee’s willingness to serve. Interested MEC officer candidates should contact their LEC representative or another member of the MEC (i.e., Matthew Chadwick, Ben Grant, Thorne Saylor, Reed Donoghue, Carl Fleming, and Colin Gallagher), to secure a nomination and discuss the position.

Furthermore, after securing a nomination for a MEC officer position, candidates should continue to garner support from the other MEC members by contacting each member individually. ALPA flight pay loss will not be authorized for this meeting, although hotel and expenses shall be authorized, as necessary, for such candidates. Candidates unable to attend the meeting will be given a reasonable opportunity to appear before the MEC via conference call prior to conducting the election.

The MEC appreciates and is indebted to the work, efforts, and accomplishments of all our volunteers. We also encourage all members in good standing to contact us if they are interested in applying for an officer or committee position. Please e-mail your preference and qualifications to
ARWMEC@alpa.org. If you do not have a preference but are interested in volunteering, please let us know; there are a lot of volunteer opportunities within our union, and we will work to find a position that suits your interests.

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April Resignations

By ARW Membership Committee





































































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2014 DATES

May 26-29

MEC Meeting in YUL

May 28-29

ALPA 2014 Legislative Summit

June 3-5

FFD Group Meeting In IAD

Aug. 4-7

ALPA Air Safety Week in DCA

Oct. 11-17

MEC Meeting

Oct. 20-23

ALPA Board of Directors Meeting

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